Rent from GM Seeds belongs to the Public

Aside from their inherant dangers, GM seeds do not breed true, and therefore are a type of monoply and thus generate economic rent. As economic rent should accrue equally to the general population, a government charge should be levied against GM seeds, which would help "right-price" GM products makeing them less economically attractive, and also generate gov revenue in lieu of income taxes, a shift which would favour labour-intensive agriculture over GM industrial agriculture.

Below, by Godfrey Dunkley:
Many GM seeds are not self reproducing and new seed has to be purchased every season from companies that have the monopoly. It is reported that GM crops have recently failed in South Africa and the small farmer not compensated.
Cross polination with other similar adjacent crops and the subsequent legal claims of infringement of patent rights. Some farmers have lost their farms as a result.
In the belief that GM is superior to traditional well established and proven /climatised crops, the seed banks are being deminished, possibly to extinction. This is becoming a Path Of No Return!
When climate change and the emergence of presently unknown deseases threaten the monopolised supply of GM seeds; where is the emergency reserve available to the average farmer at affordable prices?
Many Eastern nations, recognising the future needs of their growing populations and the deminishing returns to agricultural production, have been and are negotiating control over vast tracts of fertile African land. This will displace existing communities and deprive them of access to food.
Local population will watch the scarce production of grain being exported whilst they starve.
The Chinese have for a long time been sending in agricultural advisers, part of long term planning. Now they have a finger in the pie with the secret development of the largest diamond find in Zimbabwe. The latest news is that they have secretly built a military camp in Zim.
Will the Chinese and others use African mineral wealth to purchase African food production for export?
Meanwhile research workers, academia and government officials are wittingly or unwittingly being bribed by grants etc. into prostituting themselves and secretly distorting the truth: giving licence to unproven products and allowing dangerous experimentation: This at a time when these products should be illegal and the perpetrators be internationally charged with crimes against humanity.