Corporate Taxes

Harnessing Monopoly to Finance Government

Total Resource Rents of Australia

The Total Resource Rents of Australia report finds the complete removal of income, company and sales tax is possible by replacement with a tax on monopolies such as water trading, cyber squatting, taxi licenses and land.

“Economists have for hundreds of years pointed to a more efficient system by harnessing the naturally rising value of scarce resources as the tax base. Few reports have calculated if this is actually possible” said report author Karl Fitzgerald.

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Abolish corporate tax – it has been a worldwide failure

Collecting the economic rent of oil doesn't impact job numbers.

Corporate taxation is one of the main election issues in this campaign, and many writers, analysts and politicians are weighing in on the effect corporate taxes have on employment. Is Harper right or wrong? What is the correct level of corporate taxation, if any? Here's another piece on this subject, just as unhelpful as the others.

*** Abolish corporate tax – it has been a worldwide failure, Globe & Mail ***

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