Harnessing Monopoly to Finance Government

Total Resource Rents of Australia

The Total Resource Rents of Australia report finds the complete removal of income, company and sales tax is possible by replacement with a tax on monopolies such as water trading, cyber squatting, taxi licenses and land.

“Economists have for hundreds of years pointed to a more efficient system by harnessing the naturally rising value of scarce resources as the tax base. Few reports have calculated if this is actually possible” said report author Karl Fitzgerald.

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Monbiot: Why we need land value taxation

George Monbiot

Why we need land value taxation.
A Telling Silence

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 22nd January 2013

You can learn as much about a country from its silences as you can from its obsessions. The issues politicians do not discuss are as telling and decisive as those they do. While the government’s cuts beggar the vulnerable and gut public services, it’s time to talk about the turns not taken, the opportunities foregone: the taxes which could have spared us every turn of the screw.


Effectively, only renters pay taxes


An excellent new video from Fred Harrison on how those who rent effectively pay most if not all of the taxes. While the people who own land or resources also pay taxes, they receive most or all of it taxes back in land value uptick.

To check this out, just calculate your total tax paid over the last 10 years and weigh this against your total land value increase of the same time period.

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