Housing LVT

By Frank de Jong, 19 May, 2012

Watch video: Land Value Taxation and the Built Environment

The main benefits of LVT (revenue-neutral municipal tax sifting off buildings onto the land below the buildings) are:

1. LVT doesn't punish businesses, landlords or home owners for fixing up, expanding, renovating, or re-purposing their buildings;

By Frank de Jong, 28 April, 2012

Globe and Mail columnist calls for Land Value Taxation.

Doug Saunders: "If we really wanted housing to be profitable and plentiful, we’d tax owners on the annual rise in value of their property – a Land Value Tax. This has two benefits: First, you’re taxing a non-productive source of wealth, whereas income and corporate taxes can stifle innovation and risk-taking."

Globe and Mail, Published Saturday, Apr. 28, 2012