Land Value Taxation

Video: Land Value Taxation and Public Infrastructure

Municipal governments should finance infrastructure by collecting the unearned income (economic rent) that accrues to land. No new taxes needed.

Warranted new projects (parks, schools, transit, roads, hospitals) always raise local land values more than the cost of the project. Presently this wealth disappears into the pockets of local land owners. Instead, Land Value Taxation should be used to finance the infrastructure.


Long-stalled land tax bill back in discussion

Thailand plans to raise land tax to 2%

The Finance Ministry is vowing to push forward the land tax bill, stalled for a decade, and may increase the tax ceiling, says the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO).

Director-general Somchai Sujjapongse said the FPO is now amending details of the draft. Once the amendment version is completed, it will arrange a public hearing.

The major amendment is the tax ceiling rate.

Under the current draft there are three tax rates depending on the purpose of land usage.


The only solution to the Greek financial crisis


Perhaps the most constructive comment on the solution to the Greek debt crisis has come from Andrus Ansip, prime minister of Estonia. He is reported to have said, “If I may give my advice to Greece, it is that you have to cut public expenditure. You have to make structural reforms. And you have to create a really efficient taxation system.” Whatever can he mean by a really efficient tax system? Is the tax system in Estonia a guide for Greece?


New Democratic Party Land Campaign

The aim of the NDP Land Campaign - - is to improve the understanding of and support for Land Value Taxation amongst members of the New Democratic Party; to encourage all New Democrats to promote and campaign for this policy as part of a more sustainable and just resource based economic system in which no one is enslaved by poverty; and to cooperate with other bodies, both inside and outside the New Democratic Party, who share these objectives.

Land Value Taxation
Land Value Taxation is a method of raising public revenue by means of an annual tax on the rental value of land. It would replace, not add to, existing taxes. As explained below, this elementary fiscal measure would go far
towards correcting fundamental economic and social ills.

The value of every parcel of land in Canada would be assessed regularly and the land value tax levied as a percentage of those assessed values.

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