Real Estate 4 Ransom

I want to live here!

Who is property speculation really good for? With global economies stressing as property values plunge and banks write down their books, this film gives an alternative to the push for austerity.

Real Estate 4 Ransom is a documentary about global property speculation and its impact on the economy. Real Estate 4 Ransom considers the changing motivations behind property investment and challenges the notion that the Global Financial Crisis was caused by bank lending alone.

Shot over 5 years, the film focuses an economics lens on many of the big picture issues world politics are grappling to deal with. The 40 min documentary looks at whether genuine freedom has been delivered by the democratic system.

We investigate the inefficiencies of the economic system and the impact this has on potential homeowners and small businesses. The documentary argues that with a simpler tax system, entrepreneurs have a better chance to succeed and the average Australian has a better chance of owning their own home.

What role did real estate play in the crashing of the global economy?

Co-Directors Karl Fitzgerald and Gavin Emmanuel have crafted a 40 minute documentary which features high profile economists, international guests, local homebuyers and renters, all who discuss their take on the state of Australia’s economy.

Animations, music and a little humour are used to make economics interesting.

We thank the vimeo community for being so supportive in allowing us to incorporate some of the footage you can see from our vimeo favourites page. Not all ‘likes’ are included in the film.