The New Barbarians: The continuing relevance of Henry George

ABSTRACT. The world's peoples are demanding: who should be the Lords of the Land or-should anyone be? By what right does anyone acquire the privilege of monopolizing that which should be the her- itage of all? A century ago Henry George saw the nature of this ques- tion, the land question, outlined the solution and foresaw the conse- quences if we failed to address it. The rioting in the slums, the looting and other crime in the cities and rural areas, the tension of our time, the rising fears, paranoia and greed bear testimony to the legacy George foresaw. Against monopoly and privilege, George raised the banner of Justice and Liberty, achievable only by taxing the land and untaxing labor and its products. The failure to act upon the land ques- tion is at the bottom of the threat of a new barbarism. But the Intel- lectual Revolution fostered by the new computer technology promises to undermine myths that have enslaved the human mind. 

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